Frank Monaghan

November 18, 2010

Dear Gary,

Everyday at Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, we strive to make affordable housing a reality for working-poor families. We know that stable homeownership empowers families tobreakthecycle of poverty and to invest in their homes, their blocks, their schools and our City.

We are thankful for your partnership and deeply appreciate your generosity. Thank you for your donation of one Anderson patio door and frame, seven interior doors with frame, thirty interior doors, one fiberglass column, four breaker boxes with conduit, four emergency flood lights, eight cases of duct/vent accessories, two stainless steel turbines, and four illuminated exit signs on October 29, 2010 The value of these gifts will help build a home for a family in need of decent, affordable housing.

As you know, the need is tremendous, but one house – one family at a time, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia is breaking the cycle of poverty in our City. Habitat offers a time-tested solution: we utilize the current housing stock, we partner with working-poor families committed to 350 hours of sweat-equity, and we capture the enthusiasm of dedicated volunteers.

Not a hand out, but a hand up – Habitat Philadelphia offers stability, safety and self-sufficiency to working, low-income families. The investment in Habitat homeownership is transformational for everyone involved – partner families, volunteers and donors. Thank you for investing in Habitat, as house by house, family by family, block by block, we are transforming lives and our City.

Thank you,
Frank Monaghan
Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia

Gary + Joanne,

Thank you so much. All your material sold the first day. I really appreciate your help.

– Frank